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Latest L2Cartel News, new L

Greetings players,
as you can see suddenly after the merge of old L2Tales x20 and L2Cartel x20 , server seems fresh & revived, over 7000 players online reached again and mass pvp and interesting fights started again!

About the new

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Server Merged with L2Tales

Server merged successfully and its now back online.

IMPORTANT INFO How to log-in for Tales Players:
Players from tales need to add in the END of their account ID (LOGIN-NAME) one '='!
Example if your account id in old t

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Downtime because of incommi

We are merging at the moment lineage2tales empire x20 and cartel x20.No ETA atm.

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8.600 NEW Players Online Re

Hello dear players,
Today we had a new record on players online, 8600 players reached , towns are full of people, mass pvp on daily basis happening in all raid zones and also almost everywhere in the map. We also this month fixed alot of bugs &a

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L2Cartel, Drake the NEW Don

We recently finished the implementation of Drake NPC- New Donation System and it is coming in L2 Cartel in Friday 16th January!
You will be able to obtain from donation only [b][color=black]Donation Pounds[/color][/b], each 10 [b][color=black]Do


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