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L2Cartel news

L2Cartel will come online probably tonight or till morning, L2Tales fixed the issue and we started installing L2Cartel!

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About l2 cartel & info

Hello guys we still dont have any ETA :/ about when will be online, we have some serious issues with server APOLOGIZE about that, server will NOT close and we are very unhappy to see that happening!

We are on waiting line by our developers

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Server will be up today!

Hello players server l2cartel will be up today, due to some issues we waiting our new hosting machine to run the server thank you!

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Latest L2Cartel News &

Greetings L2Cartel community, server seems to be pretty much crowded the past weeks after the merge with L2Tales Empire x20, over 5.000 players daily and over 6.000+ on weekends, much action and massive pvp on last territory wars and sieges and the f

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Latest L2Cartel News, new L

Greetings players,
as you can see suddenly after the merge of old L2Tales x20 and L2Cartel x20 , server seems fresh & revived, over 7000 players online reached again and mass pvp and interesting fights started again!

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